The best law firm marketing strategy.
Ten years work with leading international law firms have shown the most
direct and efficient ways to drive growth.
Law firm branding and messaging.
This is the single most important aspect. The majority of firms fail miserably and those that really understand it see rapid growth. If your branding and messaging says ‘we are big, experienced and put clients first,’ you sound very familiar and offer no unique advantage. You will be perceived as expensive, slow and lacking creativity.
The failure of most law firms to evolve their branding means those that get it right are standing out and growing rapidly. Clients look for firms that are more proactive, creative and commercially minded. Projecting these qualities through branding, web design, videos and PR means resonating with clients, with clear advantages that meet their needs.
The most powerful way to introduce your firm online is through video, with finely tuned words, imagery and music. For example, the above video creates a strong sense of an innovative, entrepreneurial law firm. How would a client perceive your firm in relation to this?
Law firm PR, design, content marketing and SEO
Integrated PR, design, content marketing and SEO are always far more effective than focusing on each individually. PR generates the most valuable SEO assets - high quality links - while raising a firm’s profile. Content marketing also boosts the value and effectiveness of SEO and helps secure more comprehensive media coverage. Together, these tactics build a growing funnel of targeted leads, while strong sector web pages are crucial to convert this into conversations and clients.
Great web design is also key to SEO as google boosts pages that people spend time on and interact with. Regular coverage in the New York Times won’t make up for an uninspiring website and the best website won’t help if no one sees it.
Our PR consultants, senior former journalists, regularly secure coverage from the FT to the New York Times to the China Daily. Our design team has in-depth SEO knowledge and vice-versa. We don’t just employ these strategies for clients. This article is an example of content marketing and there’s a good chance you found us through google (we rank highly for search terms like ‘law firm pr’.)
We’d be happy to talk you through some examples of law firm marketing tactics that are driving rapid growth and make some recommendations. Please drop us a message via the form below and let’s set up a call.