How to win major new clients with content marketing.
With all the buzz about content marketing, we decided to clarify the key steps to generating new clients, for law firms and other B2B companies. It’s a very effective way to build a growing pipeline of new business and supports every stage of the marketing funnel:
1. Generating leads.
Let’s start with a very quick, efficient way to generate quality leads.

If you have an email marketing campaign, or a newsletter, sending out the right content can dramatically increase the response rate. Many firms only send out news about their own company. This is a huge waste of potential.

With exceptional content that focuses on what your clients are interested in and helps them achieve more, everything changes. Suddenly, email open rates, traffic and enquiries multiply. It may be an infographic article (like this one), a video, a microsite, or anything that provides information of high value to your audience.

You’ll gain their trust, impress with your insight, highlight opportunities and start conversations. For example, we recently emailed out this video and it immediately sparked several meetings with major international companies, some of which we’d struggled to reach before. What made the difference was great content, about the issues that mattered to them (it wasn’t about us).

The most successful B2B lead generation tactics:
(From the Ascend ‘State of lead generation survey’.)

2. Promoting your website.
High quality, search optimised content will generate a growing pipeline of fresh leads while boosting the search rankings of all your web pages.

Content we have created for law firms has prompted enquiries from the largest international firms. In one case French Connection got in touch, signed as a client and then mentioned in a radio interview that the campaign had shown the firm’s exceptional expertise.

Microsites, landing pages and sector pages are very effective for targetting particular markets and regions. Our new dedicated law firm marketing site ranks first on google for terms like ‘Law firm marketing London’ and continuously generates leads (note we also serve the US and Europe).

It all serves to connect you with clients where they consume content.

3. Converting leads.
When people like your content, their first port of call is often your website. You’ll have a few seconds to make the right impression and get a compelling message across.

Video is a more powerful way to impress and convey a dynamic image (here’s an example for a law firm). 80% of people only read 20% of the text on a page, while 80% will watch a video (Forrester Research).

For law and accounting firms, strong sector pages (like this) are crucial - particularly for larger clients looking for exceptional expertise.

A great video and strong sector pages can multiply enquiries and increase the value of all your marketing efforts. We’ll break down some strong messaging, design and video in a future article. 89% of B2B marketers now use content marketing and 52% of the rest plan to start this year.

In a survey by the Content Marketing Institute, better quality content was the top reason given for improved results.

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